Saturday, June 16, 2012

My current PC, A IBM M52 part 2

Hello again. today i'm going to talk about the insides of this computer. First a picture of it with just the top cover open:

It with the cover open, in this picture you can see the PSU, DVD drive, PCI fan and a bit of the motherboard.
to get access to the CPU, RAM, hard drive, floppy drive and front fans you need to tilt the whole front section up like this:

The front drive bay tilted all the way up.
In the drive bay we have the CD/DVD drive on top of the hard drive and next to them is the floppy drive.

The PSU is in the top left corner in the above picture with the motherboard being across the bottom. Starting from the left we have the PCI riser card with one PCI port and one ADD 2-R port that can also work as a PCI-E 1x port.

As you can see i have a PCI slot fan in the top PCI slot which is held up by a piece of metal from a video tape. This case doesn't come with any screws to hold PCI cards/fans in place so hence i used that.

Then we have the two RAM slots to the right of the PCI riser card slot. It can take a maximum of 2GB of RAM in each slot making a total of 4GB. I currently have 3GB of RAM in it which makes it a fairly quick machine.

Above the RAM we have two heatsinks, one smaller one on the left and a bigger one on the right. The smaler one on the left is over the north bridge chipset and the bigger one is for the Pentium 4 CPU. We then have the two case/CPU fans on the drive bay to the right of the CPU heatsink. These are right in front of the front grill. A bit of info about these fans:

Model: CHD6012ES-AH(E)
Power info: DC12V 0.30A
Connector type: 4 pin
Dimensions: 6cm - width, 2cm - depth

A close up of the two fans:

The two case/CPU fans.
I plan on replacing these two front fans with more efficient/quieter ones soon. See if i can get it to run a bit cooler and quieter. I'll finally leave you with another couple of pictures of inside it:

If you have any questions or comments about anything on my blog feel free to email me.

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