Thursday, November 1, 2012

Quick update on my IBM M52

Hello all. Some of you may have seen my post on Twitter that i have removed the connectors from two 4 pin 60mm PWM case fans for a plan i had. Well now i shall tell you what said plan was. Lets start from the beginning. I replaced the two 4 pin 60mm PWM case fans in my IBM M52 with two 3 pin 60mm case fans however they wouldn't plug into the 4 pin headers on the motherboard so i had to use a couple of 3 pin fan connector to 4 pin molex connector adapters that came with the 3 pin 60mm fans.

Yesterday i had this idea where if i took the connectors off the 4 pin fans and put them on the 3 pin fans then i would be able to plug them into the motherboard headers. This would free up the adapters for other things (More on that soon.) and i would be able to read the RPM of the fans. So i set about finding out how to remove the connectors of a case fan.

I found a great guide on how to do this on YouTube here:

I don't have one of those tools used in the video so i just used the end of a small metal file. I removed the connectors of the 4 pin fans first then i removed the connectors of the 3 pin fans and put the 4 pin connectors  on the 3 pin fans. Plugged them into the motherboard headers and all is still working. Fairly easy to do really.

And thats the end of this post. Cya next time.