Saturday, April 23, 2011

Short bit of new.

Hello all. For starters i've added this blog to mylot. My profile page here: myLot User Profile. Next i've updated a few things on my website apesstuff. Thats it actually. Till next time.

Friday, April 1, 2011

A few useful websites for starting out using Linux.

Hello all. I thought i would put together a few useful links to help people start out with Linux.. The first place you should go if you are new to linux is the Wikipedia page here:

It has loads of information on Linux. The next website is which is a very handy website for finding linux distributions. Its also a great place for keeping up with updates for different distro's. Here's the link:

Next is which is the place to go to get the latest version of the Linux kernel. You can also download a few Linux distro's from there. The link:

another useful website is The Linux Documentation Project. It has loads of HOWTOs that can be a lot of help. The link:

Next up is the forums. Forums are one of the biggest places to find and ask for help. here's a few that i use and find very useful:

And that all i can think of for now. hopefully you will find these websites useful and that you will choose to try Linux as it is a very good operating system and absolutely free. till next time.