Monday, October 31, 2011

RMQG V0.5.3 and CMDQuest released, apesstuff updated.

Hello all. I haven't posted in a while (3 months in fact) but i've finally found the time to do another post. This one is mainly news. I've released RMQG V0.5.3 (Released it a while ago actually) so you can download that at the SourceForge page here:

I've also released a game called CMDQuest. It's a command line RPG. Yes thats right i finally got round to making a game. It's only the second version so it's not really playable as a actual game yet but if i can get stuck in with it hopefully it should get developed fairly quicky. Thats the theory anyway. You can find out about it and download it at the SourceForge page here:

Finally I've update apesstuff again. I've added some pictures that i've taken in GT5 using the photo mode. You can find them here:

And that all the news for now. As always if you need any PC help please visit A great forum for computer help. Till next time.

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