Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Inside a Hi-Grade 8615.

Hello all. Today i will show you the inside of a Hi-Grade 8615 and explain what each component is. For higher resolution pictures click the links under the pictures. So first up is a overall view of it with the back access panel removed.

From Hi-grade

Here we have the hard drive in the upper right corner, The fan in the upper left corner, On the far right bottom corner is where the wireless network card would go if i had one, which i don't. Next to that just to the left is where the RAM goes. I do have some of that. Finally at the far left bottom corner is where the CPU is located. You can just see it under the heat sink.(Which is the orange piece of metal that goes from the top of the CPU to the the very top of the picture just infront of the fan.) Lastly right next to the CPU to the right is the graphics chip or more precisely the heat sink on top of the graphics chip. (The silver rectangle.)

Next up is a close up of the left section.
From Hi-grade

Here you can see this section in more detail. Next is a close up of the right section.
From Hi-grade 
Here you can see the right section in more detail.Finally is a close up of the CPU.
From Hi-grade

Here is a close up of the CPU. and that's it. Hope you found this interesting. The next computer we'll be inside of will be a IBM R40e. Till next time.

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